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I am looking forward to going to the zoo.

Where did you work?

I just want to be with you.


Everybody knows she can speak English well.


Kyung is friendly with Kimberly.


I would never do something behind your back.

The cat is purring.

There was obviously no other way.


The two parts were played by one and the same actress.


She wanted to become a teacher.


The meeting broke up at eight.

I don't like where society is heading.

For a professional, he gave a poor account of himself in today's game.

Is Wilson well?

Where have you been? We've been looking everywhere for you!

I think we have acted in good faith.

The train has arrived here now.

When water cools, it can become snow or ice.

Have you been eating?

I'm going crazy! I miss him so much!

She had to take care of her sister.

I thought I'd give it another try.

I think it's best if I stay here for a while.

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Someone else took my suitcase.

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It is said that Peng Zu was the grandson of a celestial emperor.

Johnny, come here quickly!

I know that he is watching me.


Who am I kidding?

Where did you see the woman?

Did you like the book?

All his life Gale was an outsider.

How did you ever get Pandora to give you that painting?


You need to shut up.

Yanis hasn't arrived yet.

Monica was astounded and fascinated by what he saw there.

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They ski.

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She wrote on gender bias in science.

I know what Santa is looking for.

Haru's always been like that; he's very kind at heart.

I wish things were different.

He did the work for himself.


There's a table.

We're classmates.

Change the flag.

You'll fatten up if you eat that much.

Ariel keeps her best dishes in that cabinet.

"Did I really do that?" "You don't remember?"

This is the cheapest store in town.


Do you have all the information you need?


Please proceed.

Lois weighs more than Masanobu.

The work here is fairly simple.

I've been fully briefed.

I'm not sowing your wheat.

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None of the passengers escaped injury.

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When will Mother be back, Father?


Hank doesn't know who he should ask for advice.

It's as though the incident never happened.

I am in this restaurant.

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There's a lot of greenery in Tokyo Midtown!


He is still fully active.

Valentin is tenacious, isn't he?

Are you having any chest pain?

There are a lot of eggs in the box.

Does Elaine live far from you?

Excuse me, but I believe that is my seat.

Evangeline Lilly is Canadian.

I couldn't do what you do.

What did you do to me?


Are you saying you don't owe me anything?

Who'd you invite?

I want Mr Brown paged.

The history of the world is but the biography of great men.

The police need someone to blame.

He contrived a means of speaking to Nancy privately.

I believed that.


Do I look normal?


When did you last talk to her?

I could fix that easily.

He was not happy at all.

Your stupid plan is actually working.

The festival is held in the second week of January every year.


I ain't worried about what he might say.

The chances are even.

He says what he thinks regardless of other people's feelings.

We sit on a bench to rest.

I didn't expect these results.


They repaired a watch.

Where are the toilets?

Pravin didn't want to do that.


Hot and humid weather makes us lazy.

They needed jobs and training.

Breakfast is ready.

She might come.

I don't want to work at a supermarket all my life.

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Can this wait until tomorrow?

I visited Hokkaido during summer vacation.

It's frustrating and confusing.

Shadow didn't try to argue with Dimetry.

The concert came to an end at ten o'clock.

Raphael didn't look at Monica.

Do you want to come with me?

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I think Adlai needs medical attention.


I bought it.

He likes to go out fishing alone.

Will I receive any help?

A heavily delayed Norwegian's airplane from the Hartsfield-Jackson airport, Atlanta to Oslo finally could head for Norway on Tuesday night.

How can I pay for it?

All visitors are subject to inspection.

There's nothing like a good cup of tea.

How you can abide him?

One shouldn't interrupt others when they are speaking.


You haven't heard from Jin, have you?

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That's about it.

Joyce has back problems.

I asked her to go to a movie with me.


The man saw the driver who caused the accident.


We've learned a lot from Marian.

Why is my father in the kitchen?

Danny has no sense of beauty.


The thesis is finished except for the conclusion.

He gave me 10,000 yen.

Karl Marx says, "The history of all hitherto existing societies is the history of class struggles."

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I laughed so hard tears streamed down my face.

I prayed that my daughters would forgive me.

We haven't yet been informed of the committee's decision.

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What do you think it was all about?

In this film they both portray notorious gang leaders.

Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.

My parents used to call me Rich.

It's not going to be a disaster.

That sounds depressing.

Shai finished eating breakfast before Sid woke up.

With perseverance, even the snails boarded the ark.

That doesn't happen a lot.


Do you have any idea what Nick wants?

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I enjoyed every minute of it.

Ramiro couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching him.

Dan had no idea about what he was being accused of.

Special forces training is already a torture.

What could I give Isaac for his birthday?


How is Tracey now?


Marsha is being stubborn.

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I understand Ric has been sick.

Count as one fractions of half a yen and over, but ignore those of less.

I've enjoyed it.


Can you tell me the WiFi password?


It's possible that he came here as a child.


We have to make do with what we have.

He's not a hero.

Click the picture of the frog riding the stag beetle, Paddy.

Crows are black.

You must not be a virgin, right?

I thought you might need some help getting ready for your wedding.

The fisherman cast his line into the water.